Lynn Higgins

French Studies (US)

Lynn A. Higgins is the Edward Tuck Professor of French Studies at Dartmouth College, where she is also affiliated with the Comparative Literature and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Programs and the Department of Film and Media Studies. A graduate of Oberlin College (BA 1969) and the U. of Minnesota (PhD 1976), she writes and teaches about the 20th-century French novel, cinema, feminist criticism and theory, and the politics of memory. She has also written about Adjani, Akerman, Balasko, Barthes, Camus, Debord, Duras, Godard, Modiano, Némirovsky, Resnais, Pagnol, Truffaut, and others.

20th Century French Cultural Studies / Prose Fiction / French Cinema / Women Filmmakers / Feminist Criticism and Theory / Fiction and the History and Politics of Memory