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The Camargo Foundation is happy to announce the artists and scholars selected for the 2017/2018 Camargo Core Program.

Camargo Core Program Fellows (Fall 2017)

Aline Fischer, Filmmaker, France/Germany
Amanda Eurich, Scholar (History), US/France
Amina Gautier, Writer, US
Catherine Dunlop, Scholar (European History), US
Fiona McLaughlin, Scholar (Linguistics & African Languages), US
Ilana Salama Ortar, Visual Artist, Egypt/Israel
James Cahill, Scholar (Cinema & French Literature), Canada
Timothy Brennan, Scholar (Humanities), US

Camargo Core Program Fellows (Spring 2018)

Mohamed Abdelkarim, Multidisciplinary Artist, Egypt
Bishupal Limbu, Scholar (Literature), Nepal/US
Chikako Mori, Scholar (Sociology), Japan
Fernando Munizaga, Composer, Chile/France
Caio Yurgel, Scholar (Literature), Brasil/Germany
Alyssa Verbizh, Filmmaker, Austria/France
Chibuike Uzoma, Visual Artist, Nigeria
Christopher Trapani, Composer, US
Huong Ngo, Visual Artist, China/US
Caitlin Bruce, Scholar (Communication), US

[Event] Cassis Jazz Festival

Friday, August 25 at 8:30pm
Saturday, August 26 at 8:30pm
Jerome Hill Amphitheater

The Cassis Jazz Festival is organised by Bleu Ciel Productions and the town of Cassis. 
On the Friday night, the Pianist Benjamin Faugloire will be presenting his new album BIRTH with his two friends Jérome Mouriez playing drums and Denis Frangulian playing double bass (15€).
Considered as the best repretentative of the "manouche" Jazz, Stochelo Rosenberg has for reference Django Reinhardt's style. He will be performing on the Saturday night (22€).

Informations and reservations on or at Cassis Tourism office.