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[Exhibition] Erik Göngrich & Boris Sieverts

From August 25 to September 24, 2017
La Salle des Machines, Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille)

In 2015, German artists Erik Göngrich et Boris Sieverts were in residence at the Camargo Foundation in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Marseille to explore the social and cultural dimensions of Cassis and the region around the Calanques National Park. During the current month, an exhibition at La Friche la Belle de Mai raises questions about the relationship between the city and the park. 

[Work in Progress] Jasmine Hearn

Monday, September 25 at 6:00pm

Jasmine Hearn is a Bronx based choreographer, performer, and dancer currently in Cassis through Movement Research and Jerome at Camargo residency program. She is developing sound-scapes for her body of work, including a solo titled blue, sable, and burning, which is a dance piece that is currently being shared internationally. This piece listens and responds to memories of home, travel, and water. Returning to imagery from an ongoing collaboration with visual artist Jennifer Meridian, Jasmine intends for this to be a map of where "the sablevenus" has been, and to also be a response to Robin Coste Lewis's poem The Voyage of the Sable Venus. Jasmine also intends to investigate sound and movement for an upcoming premiere of a new work, shook.

[Project Discussion] Amina Gautier

Monday, October 2 at 6:00pm

Laocoön and His Sons

Amina Gautier is working on a full-length fiction manuscript which reinterprets and reconfigures the Aeneid's key concepts of displacement, fate, hospitality (xenia), and piety (pietās), for a contemporary urban landscape. The name of her book is "Even Bearing Gifts".

During the presentation, Amina will give an overview of her work.

[Project Discussion] Amanda Eurich

Wednesday, October 4 at 6:00pm

1565 edition of Coras famous memoir on the trial of Martin Guerre, published with his translation of the Douze Reigles [sic] of Pico de la Mirandole

While at Camargo, Amanda Eurich is working on her book "A Life in Letters: Jean de Coras and the Wars of Religion". It explores the private correspondence of the illustrious sixteenth-century French jurist, Jean de Coras. Behind the scenes, just like the cunning imposter he memorialized in "The Prodigious History of Martin Guerre", Coras was playing his own dangerous game of mistaken identity. His letters to his wife, friends and allies reveal his double life as an agent and polemicist for the new, so-called Reformed religion. It was a role that would take him from the corridors of power to a life on the lame, and ultimately trigger his assassination in the bloodiest massacre in French history. In this project, Coras' epistolary exchanges become the lens through which Amanda Eurich examines the radicalization of religious identities, the volatile nature of peacemaking, and the personal as well as collective devastation of the religious wars in France. 

During the project discussion, Amanda will talk about her writing around Jean de Coras.

[Project Discussion] Timothy Brennan

Monday, October 9 at 6:00pm

Edward Said

During his stay at Camargo, Timothy Brennan is completing a draft of an intellectual biography of Edward W. Said, a Palestinian author and political figure widely considered to be among the most influential and original intellectuals of the last half-century.  Drawing on personal letters, tape recordings, interviews, and exclusive access to his surviving family, the book grows out of his long friendship with the author, who died in 2003. Said, he argues, had composed a career-long story with a spectacular finale in which humanism and the humanities came to the very center of public life.

The presentation will give Timothy the opportunity to talk about his work-in--progress.

[Project Discussion] Catherine Dunlop

Wednesday, October 11 at 6:00pm

Claude Monet, "Cap d’Antibes, Mistral" (1888)

Catherine Dunlop's new book project is an environmental and cultural history of Provence's mistral wind. A powerful force of nature, the mistral can reach speeds of 150 km/hr. During her Camargo residency, Dunlop is researching the mistral's creative impact on painters in Provence. Looking at the work of well-known painters such as Vincent Van Gogh, as well as regional painters affiliated with the Ecole de Marseille, she examines how the mistral shaped the bodily experience, plein air techniques, and environmental thinking of European artists.

During her presentation, Catherine will talk about her writing and her researches around the mistral.

[Project Discussion] Ilana Salama Ortar

Monday, October 16 at 6:00pm

Ima Oum Mere

"Foreign Body" is a multidisciplinary project engaging with the body language of ageing immigrant women. It explores the issues of corporality, old age, displacement and uprooting. The information collected from witness accounts and meetings in Marseille will be synthesized and transformed into a synopsis/storyboard for a performative art installation. The emphasis will be on the physical/visual presence of speech itself—intonation, breath and corporality—thereby creating an urban choreography between the public space and the museum (or an alternative space). This choreography will be based on the materiality of trauma using vocabulary, contextualization and sound vibrations.

During the project discussion, Ilana will present her work-in-progress.