Shanta Rao

Artist (France)

The work of Shanta Rao (French and Indian, lives and works in Paris) plays with the ideas of origin and evolution. By using an entropic approach that scrambles or nullifies genealogies, she transforms source-objects (such as text, sound or matter) into a technical-handmade magma. As such, these objects are in a constant state of flux and hybridization: a text becomes a picture, a diagram or music score, then sculpture or video. Sometimes single pieces standing alone, at other times complex installations inbetween abstract modeling and disobedient representation, Shanta Rao’s artwork invites the viewer into an experience of changing forms.

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Cum-Crescere (working title)

Shanta Rao is one of those artists whose art practice is influenced by natural sciences. For her, the biological process of morphogenesis, especially the one that takes place in jellyfishes, is similar to the process of modeling matter, and raises similar questions. With her project Cum-Crescere ("grow together" in Latin), Shanta Rao plans to undertake research in the field of jellyfishes in the environment of the Calanques: she will observe jellyfish metamorphosis and other phenomena such as luminescence and transparency, as well as other qualities related to the "hard and soft dialectic" described by French philosopher Gaston Bachelard.