Camargo Core Program

The Camargo Foundation welcomes applications from all countries, nationalities, and career levels.

  • Scholars & Thinkers (including  professionals and practitioners in creative fields such as curators, critics, urban planners, independent scholars, etc.) should be connected to the Arts and Humanities working on French and Francophone cultures, including but not limited to cross-cultural studies that engage the cultures and influences of the Mediterranean region. 
  • Artists, in all disciplines, who are the primary creators of a new work/project. The Camargo Core Program encourages multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.

Purpose of the residency:

  • Research, experiment & create: applicants may apply either with a specific project or a specific area of inquiry on which they would like to work during the residency. An area of inquiry should be specific and represent exploration and investigation in the Fellow’s field. The Camargo Core Program welcomes both open-ended exploration, or more focused works and long-term research projects.
  • Exchange & network: during the residency, discussions are held regularly to foster cross-disciplinary exchange between Fellows. In addition, the Camargo Foundation’s Staff provides formal and informal links with local professionals to develop possible creative collaborations between the Fellow and the region. 

Residency periods:

  • Fall (8 weeks)
  • Spring (6 / 8 / 11 weeks)

Number of fellowships:

  • 18 Fellowships/year, 9 artists and 9 scholars & thinkers


  • A stipend of 1000 USD per month is available, as is funding for basic transportation to and from Cassis for the Fellow for the residency. In the case of air travel, basic coach class booked far in advance is covered.

Accompanying family members:

  • Spouses/adult partners and dependent minor children may accompany fellows for short stays or for the duration of the residency. Please read the Guidelines below for more information.

Additional information:

  • More information about collaborative projects, translation projects, and former fellows. +
    • Collaborative projects of up to three persons are also welcome, but only one stipend and one multi-bedroom apartment will be awarded per team. One member of the team must be designated the official fellowship recipient. Collaborative teams must provide application materials for all members of the team, including resume, work samples, etc.
    • Translation projects: creative writers including playwrights who wish to translate their own works into another language should apply in Creative Writing. All other translations are supported through the Scholars & Thinkers categories. 
    • Former fellows: first-time applicants are normally given preference over previous Camargo Fellows. Applications by former Fellows are not considered earlier than three years after their previous Camargo Core Program Fellowship.

Next Call

The call for applications for the 2018/2019 Camargo Core Program will be open from June 27th to October 17th, 2017. Check our website later for more details.

Click here to read the 2017/2018 Guidelines, for information purposes only.

Fall 2016

8 weeks, from September 13, 2016

Keith Bresnahan, Scholar (History of Architecture), Canada
Angela Dalle Vacche, Scholar (Film Studies), US
Aymeric Ebrard, Visual Artist, France
Rula Halawani, Visual Artist, Palestine
Sam Bootle, Scholar (French Studies), UK
Allison Korinek, Scholar (French Studies), US
Charlotte Lagarde, Filmmaker, US
Mary McAlpin, Scholar (French Studies), US
Jeff Silva, Filmmaker, US

Spring 2017

6 / 8 / 11 weeks, from February 21, 2017

Ben Kiernan, Scholar (History), US
Francisco Alvarado, Composer, Chile/France
Janina Schupp, Scholar (Architecture), UK
Samuel Hayat, Scholar (Political Science), France
Cate Kennedy, Writer, Australia
Faye Driscoll, Choreographer, US
Shanta Rao, Visual Artist, France
Anna Huber, Choreographer, Switzerland
Sue Harris, Scholar (Film Studies), UK