Anna Huber

Choreographer (Switzerland)

Exploring movement in its complex simplicity, Anna Huber questions dance as a language at the interface of performing and visual arts. Since 1993 she has been creating solos, duets, ensemble works, site-specific and interdisciplinary projects and improvisation, touring internationally. She continues developing and expanding her specific artistic language characterized by complexity, intensity and precision.For her singular body of work she received numerous awards and grants, e.g. Hans Reinhart-Ring 2002, Swiss Dance- and Choreography-Award 2010.  She is teaching and mentoring internationally (e.g. Valeska-Gert guest professor for Dance and Performance at Freie Universität Berlin). 

Horizon (working title)

Focusing on the horizon as artistic investigation, horizon will be explored as a non-tangible but clearly visible line, representing the need to expand ones horizon and the desire for transformation and distance. A line as well as a surface, like a skin between water and air, appearing and disappearing.Movement explores the body as landscape and the body in landscape. How can the body absorb a landscape that itself is in constant movement and change? The senses of equilibrium and orientation oscillate between stability, lability and mobility. The fragile nature of human existence and its precarious balance create singular intensities within the constant transformation of the scenery’s physical and sensorial impact.

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