Rula Halawani

Visual Artist (Palestine)

Born in Jerusalem in 1964, Rula Halawani earned her bachelor’s degree in photography from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada before moving to London to complete her MA in Photographic Studies. Rula Halawani lives in Jerusalem and serves as the director and teacher of the photographic unit at Birzeit University, piloting the first academic training program of its kind in Palestine. Growing up under occupation in East Jerusalem, and working as a photographer in an intensely political environment, Rula Halawani’s work demonstrates a strong relationship between art and politics. Rula Halawani photographs various aspects of Palestinian life. Her work has been exhibited in Palestine, Europe, and the United States at the Sharjah Biennial, the Fotografie Forum, and the Noorderlicht Photo Festival, among others. Her photographs have been published in a number of publications.

X-Ray Life (working title)

Rula Halawani’s new project conceptually explores the effect of X-ray machines on people who cross Israeli checkpoints each day. It will examine this basic question: can a camera, a roll of film, or a series of photographs physically depict a narrative of corporeal harm inscribed inside our bodies? She will be coming to Camargo with many rolls of film intentionally damaged in X-ray machines that contain photographs she shot at checkpoints. At Camargo, she will work on the second and most important stage of the production of her project, which will include developing these films, scanning negatives, editing & printing her photographs, and experimenting with the process of developing and scanning her films.

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