Shanta Rao

Visual Artist (France)

Shanta Rao (French-Indian, lives in Paris) reroutes the trajectory of originary forms. The cyclical nature of re-approaching the primary state of a code or a pixel disrupts the idea of finitude to welcome a reflection of becoming and evolution. Using an at once computerized and physical process as a territory of mutation, she injects instability in the status of sources—text, sound and image—and the possibility for them to take itineraries freed from their original field, propagate in other forms and coalesce with the physical world through different techniques: pixels act as particles hitting copper plates; flat ink absorbs dot-matrix images; digitized Hertzian frequencies turn into soft matter; drawing gestures become video signals; musical compositions emboss and perforate rubber and silicon surfaces; literary texts become numerical signs, and then pictorial abstractions.


The project Shanta Rao wants to develop during her residency at the Camargo Foundation is based on the recent development of her work, which focuses on the flows and transmutations between sound frequencies, imagery and matter. The original source involved in this project is the musical piece "Water" by Olivier Messiaen, whose creations were performed at the Foundation. By way of an experimental approach and musical composition software specifically re-programmed for the purpose, the audio data of the opus will be turned into images to integrate into the materiality of an installation.

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