Amanda Eurich

Professor of History, Western Washington University, US/France

Amanda Eurich is Professor of History at Western Washington University and has written widely about religious violence, the politics of coexistence, gender and the Wars of Religion in early modern France. She is the author of The Economics of Power: The House of Foix-Navarre-Albret during the Wars of Religion (1994) and numerous articles and essays. Her most recent article, "Le corps violé: viol et séduction dans la Génève de Calvin", in L’Anthropologie historique du protestantisme moderne (Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2017) explores the intersection of sexual violence and the politicization of memory in sixteenth-century Europe.

A Life in Letters: Jean de Coras and the Wars of Religion

A Life in Letters: Jean de Coras and the Wars of Religion explores the private correspondence of the illustrious sixteenth-century French jurist, Jean de Coras. Contemporary audiences may know Coras as the judge who presided over the most famous case of identity theft in early modern history. Behind the scenes, just like the cunning imposter he memorialized in The Prodigious History of Martin Guerre, Coras was playing his own dangerous game of mistaken identity. His letters to his wife, friends and allies reveal his double life as an agent and polemicist for the new, so-called Reformed religion. It was a role that would take him from the corridors of power to a life on the lame, and ultimately trigger his assassination in the bloodiest massacre in French history. In this project, Coras' epistolary exchanges become the lens through which Amanda Eurich examined the radicalization of religious identities, the volatile nature of peacemaking, and the personal as well as collective devastation of the religious wars in France.