Bishupal Limbu

Associate Professor of English, Portland State University, Nepal/US

Bishupal Limbu is Associate Professor of English at Portland State University, USA. His work is particularly concerned with questions of literary narrative and social justice in contemporary Anglophone and Francophone literatures. Other interests include critical theory, globalization, postcolonial literature, environmental humanities, and translation. A comparatist by training and inclination, he engages with several disciplines, including philosophy, political science, and anthropology, to consider the role of literature, particularly from the global South, in thinking about concepts such as citizenship, human rights, the public sphere, democracy, progress, and modernity.

Beyond Flight and Stasis: Recasting Refugee Narratives

Recent events have refocused public attention on refugees who are often perceived as either suffering victims calling for compassion or undesirable elements disruptive to the order of things. This book project challenges such standard perceptions by examining alternative narratives of the refugee experience in contemporary fiction of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Using a multidisciplinary approach, it situates literary and filmic representations of refugees in relation to recent work on the human, humanitarianism, and human rights.