Caitlin Bruce

Scholar (Communication), University of Pittsburgh, US

Caitlin Frances Bruce is Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research explores the way in which public art creates spaces for encounter: places for individuals to encounter each other, and shared spaces anew. Her scope is transnational, addressing public art scenes in the US, Mexico, and Europe. Conceptually, her work is informed by affect studies and critical theory. She is also lead organizer for the global graffiti and education Hemispheric Conversations: Urban Art Project. Her work has appeared in "Public Art Dialogue"; "Communication, Culture, and Critique"; "Critical/Cultural Communication Studies"; "Text and Performance Quarterly", among other venues. More info:

Painting Publics: Transnational Legal Graffiti Screens as Spaces for Encounter

Bruce's Camargo project is a chapter from her first book manuscript in progress: "Painting Publics: Transnational Legal Graffiti Screens as Spaces for Encounter". Exploring a legal graffiti festival in Perpignan she asks after the ways in which the festival is shaped by the particular syncretism of Mediterranean history, politics and culture, creating, through juxtaposition (following Walter Benjamin), a dialectical image.