Chibuike Uzoma

Visual Artist, Nigeria

Chibuike Uzoma holds a BA degree in Painting from the University of Benin. He is a social commentator, developing an active multidisciplinary practice with photography, painting, drawing, text. Although his artistic interest diverges through places and times he is always drawn by life and the reciprocals between humans and the human condition. His works engage contemporary African politics, thought, colonialism, dictatorship, and migration. He is contributing with his own stories to the global circle history where he adopts a conceptual process, analyzing a situation within a closed (g)locality, then he draws, paints and stage photographic performance images to unveil his findings.

No Victor, No Vanquish

During his Residency at Camargo Foundation, Chibuike will develop the second phase of his broader project, Museum of Burnt Things; No Victor, No Vanquish. In this work, he explores issues that evolved around the Nigerian-Biafran civil war (1967 – 1970) especially how it affected the south eastern (Igbo) region in creating political tension, dominance and secession uprising to this day. He will research and work with archival images and documents of the civil war to encourage the need for reconciliation and open-ended discussions around these issues.