Ilana Salama Ortar

Visual Artist, Egypt/Israel

Leaving Egypt, her home country, with only a temporary pass in hand, transiting via the camp Le Grand Arenas in Marseille en route to Israel, Ilana came to find herself confronted with the fragility of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Her history lends her a certain sensitivity, brought to light in multidisciplinary installations around issues of displacement, uprooting, migration, exile and memory. The projects (movies, drawings, sculptures, witness accounts) have been exhibited, among others, in Tel Aviv and the Israel Museums, MP13, Marseille, and the Drawing Center, NY. Her work is in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Brooklyn Museum, the Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. 

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Foreign Body

Foreign Body is a multidisciplinary project engaging with the body language of ageing immigrant women. It explores the issues of corporality, old age, displacement and uprooting. The information collected from witness accounts and meetings in Marseille is synthesized and transformed into a synopsis/storyboard for a performative art installation. The emphasis is put on the physical/visual presence of speech itself—intonation, breath and corporality—thereby creating an urban choreography between the public space and the museum (or an alternative space). This choreography is based on the materiality of trauma using vocabulary, contextualization and sound vibrations.