Mohamed Abdelkarim

Multidisciplinary Artist, Egypt

Mohamed Abdelkarim (born 1983 in El-Minya, Egypt) lives in Cairo. Abdelkarim wrote his Master of Arts in Public Spheres at ECAV "Ecole cantonale d'art du Valais", Switzerland, where he began producing text-based performances. In Abdelkarim's performative works, the script bears witness to the research experience. The emphasis is on process, as a reflection on production and cultural genealogy requires; process is open-ended, as in story-telling; the montage is non-linear, as it happens when the research is site-oriented. His performances have been seen at the Guild Master of Cabaret Voltaire Manifesta 11, Zurich, Sofia Underground Performance Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria and many other venues.

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the sea that never tells a lie, the truth that never hurts the sea

In One Thousand and One Nights inanimate objects, land and mountains talk and tell stories from their perspective. In the same way, this project will try to collect what the sea / the land tells. The performance/essay-based project engages various subjects found within the "locomotion" and travel literature as a foundation for serendipity inspection through several currencies of the mobility as exile, forced migration, exclusion, diaspora, ostracism, mercenary tourism, etc.