Timothy Brennan

Scholar, University of Minnesota, US

Timothy Brennan is the Samuel Russell Chair in the Humanities at the University of Minnesota. His work is about the subtle impact of imperial culture on everyday life, as well as the important political role played by literary intellectuals. His essays and books on literature, cosmopolitanism, black vernacular music, and anticolonial thought have appeared in many places, including The Nation, the Times Literary Supplement, New Left Review, and the London Review of Books.  Most recently, he has turned to the "scientism" that dominates our culture, especially its most glaring paradox: a posthuman humanities – that is, a humanities against humans. 

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Places of Mind, Occupied Lands: Edward Said (An Intellectual Biography)

During his stay at Camargo, Timothy Brennan aimed at completing a draft of an intellectual biography of Edward W. Said, a Palestinian author and political figure widely considered to be among the most influential and original intellectuals of the last half-century.  Drawing on personal letters, tape recordings, interviews, and exclusive access to his surviving family, the book grows out of his long friendship with the author, who died in 2003. Said, he argues, had composed a career-long story with a spectacular finale in which humanism and the humanities came to the very center of public life.