Cengiz Eren

Composer, Turkey/US

Hakki Cengiz Eren (b. 1984) is a composer whose interests cover a diverse number of topics, including surrealism, microtonality, psychoacoustics, electroacoustic music and Turkish folk music, to name a few. One of his favoured methods is to meddle with seemingly unrelated narratives, trying to bring them together under a justifiable musical identity. Throughout his career he has worked with renowned soloists and ensembles such as Garth Knox, Juliet Fraser, Ensemble Schallfeld, Ensemble Móbile, Ensemble Suono Giallo, Ensemble Composit, Schwerpunkt Ensemble, Ecce, Argus Quartet and Ensemble Nodus, among many others.

Learn more : www.hakkicengizerencomposer.com and www.soundcloud.com

O Kim?

Recently there has emerged a peculiar tendency to name my works with the Turkish demonstrative ‘O’ which in English roughly corresponds to ‘that’ or ‘this’. I already have a number of pieces in my catalogue that contain this somewhat mystical word in combination with another short word (O yer, ODA, O kişi). O Kim? is another one of these works that bring about this obsession. In this upcoming work, I plan to set up an abstract narrative that conveys a single entity struggling to come into being; a sound identity attempting to garner adequate justification to exist.

Cengiz is in residence at the Camargo Foundation from May 2 to May 15, 2018 in partnership with the Royaumont Foundation.