Collaborative Project

Art and Science (France/Italy/US)

The team:

A French social scientist: Samuel Bordreuil, researcher at the CNRS (head of the team), currently working on the sense of place in times of "Anthropocene".

An Italian artist: Mariateresa Sartori, living and teaching in Venice, whose art is object and environment oriented.

Two artist-researchers: Bryan Connell, American (Berkeley) a close collaborator of the San Francisco Exploratorium; Hendrik Sturm, German, living in Marseille and teaching in Toulon. To "perlaborate" science contents through their artistic grasps is what they have in common. Beyond transmitting scientific information, what is at stake is to stage its relevancy in order to perform some renewed sense of place. 

KARST: Entering the Anthropocene?

A karst is a geological formation ripe with "anthropocenic" critical enigmas: where do all the rainwaters leaking through limestone's strata end up at the bottom of it? Will that water flowing through subterranean rivers be drinkable? From the top, it drills amazing mazes; from the bottom, once dried up, those have nourished for ages human fantasies re the supra natural: from Chauvet to Cnossos, via Cosquer cave (near by Camargo Foundation). How to enter this world? How to get to and perform a renewed sense of this place? This will take works of artists as well as of scientists: "una coproduzione" of sorts.

The team is in residence at the Camargo Foundation from April 7 to 28, in partnership with the research program LabexMed (Université d’Aix-Marseille).