Collaborative Project

Art & Science (France/Italy/Albania)

The team :

The artists-researchers Nicolas Milhé and Stéphanie Cherpin work on the relation between political speeches and architectural language. The trails of their research have a connection with the publications of the architect and critic of art Pietro Gaglianò. Romeo Kodra forms part of the research team with his experience as curator at the Tirana’s Art Lab, whereas Alessandro Gallicchio, PhD in History of Art and art curator, joins this research with his background about the political influences into the construction of the artistic speech. Pierre Sintès, associate professor-HDR in geography of the Aix-Marseille University, will eventually establish links between social experiences and memory in the Mediterranean and the Balkans.

Monumentalization of Power, Architecture and Urban Practices in the Balkans and the Mediterranean

This research group works around the relations between the memory and the visible—and invisible—dimension of art and architecture in the Balkans and in the Mediterranean countries. Architectures, monuments and pieces of art exposed in public spaces are involved in a historical reformulation of speech, which allows approaching the subject of a cultural globalization (and political governance) through a micro-geographic point of view. Artists and researchers will work on the development of the project and also on a publication on-line, through experiences as workshops, seminars and meetings.

Official residence of the Prime Minister of Albania

The team will be in residence at the Camargo Foundation from February 9 to March 2, in partnership with the research program LabexMed (Université d’Aix-Marseille).