Mohamed Abusal

Artist, Palestine

Mohamed Abusal (b. 1976, Gaza) artistic projects are daring, critical and scathing comments on what is deemed permissible in terms of technology and civilization in Gaza today. His Metro in Gaza (2012) proposes a network of seven metro lines to connect the different areas of the Gaza Strip. He made an illuminated metro sign and set off to fix and photograph this sign wherever he imagines the metro stations should be. Shambar (2013) is on the alternative and creative light solutions created or lived by people in Gaza as a result of the continuous disconnection of electricity. Shown at Al-Mamal Foundation in Jerusalem, and the French Institute in Gaza, Ramallah, and Nablus, the work exists in photographic and painting series. Abusal exhibited extensively around the world over the last decade, notably in France, where he has had several solo exhibitions, in addition to the US, UK, Australia, and Dubai. In 2005 he was awarded the Charles Aspry Prize for Contemporary Art. He is a founding member of Eltiqa, an active group of contemporary artists that came together in 2002.

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Through this project, Mohamed Abusal seeks to explore the encounter between hope and relief — both virtual and physical — by manipulating solid elements taken from ruins of houses destroyed during the war and by transforming them into confortable furnitures covered with confortable textures such as sponges, leather. He then decorates them with Crystal and other materials.