Moshe Ron & Mohamed Maouhoub

Translators, Israel/Morocco

  • Moshe Ron +

    Born in Tel Aviv in 1945, Moshe Ron graduated in 1968 from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, majoring in Romance languages and English literature. He completed his PhD in comparative literature in 1975 at Yale. He went on to teach at the Hebrew University, of which he has been professor emeritus since 2007. Currently he works as an editor at Am Oved, an Israeli publishing house. He has translated into Hebrew  some 30 works of fiction from English, French and Spanish, as well as two books by Jacques Derrida.

  • Mohamed Maouhoub +

    Born in Marrakech, Mohamed Maouhoub completed his PhD in philosophy at La Sorbonne. After translating a novel (Door to the Courtyard by Sahar Khalifa, Flammarion), some poetry and several short stories for the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) in Paris, he published a series of essays on theory and practice of translation. Mohamed Maouhoub is currently Professor in the Department of Philosophy of the University of Marrakech.

Translation of "The Monolingualism of the Other" by Jacques Derrida

At Camargo, translators Mohamed Maouhoub and Moshe Ron translated Jacques Derrida’s The Monolingualism of the Other into Arabic and Hebrew respectively. This essay questions the relation between the subject and the language he or she uses without its being, however, quite his or her own. They eventually discussed the specific problems arising from the translation of Derrida’s text in the overall context of translating Western philosophy into non-European languages.

This project was part of the exhibition After Babel, Translate, which ran at the Mucem from December 14, 2016 to March 20, 2017. 

A view of part of Jacques Derrida's library in his home in Ris Orangis

Mohamed Maouhoub and Moshe Ron were in residence at the Camargo Foundation from January 5 to February 17, and from March 3 to 31, 2017. In partnership with the Mucem and with the support of the CNL.