Support the Camargo Foundation as it grows and returns to independence

2018 has been a remarkable year at Camargo.  After our programming hiatus between 2011 and 2013 we are again, thanks to our many friends and especially our sister organization The Jerome Foundation, fully independent and our programs more vivid and lively than ever!  We thank everyone who has helped us achieve this success.  

Click here to read our recent newsletters, where we have featured stories on Fellows and other residents’ activities as well as the concerts and performances taking place in the amphitheater and in other sites.  Overall more than 100 individuals have been offered time to think, exchange, write, and create surrounded by the beauty of our site. We were particularly pleased with the success of our new thematic programs.  With The Cultural Diaspora we welcomed eight African and African-American playwrights who shared work, ideas and strategies for surviving as black artists while exploring their craft, their voice and their African-ness with likeminded individuals. The Calanques: Land of Science and Source of Inspiration allowed eight international artists to come to Camargo for five weeks to develop their ideas and work on the Human/Nature relationship.    

All of this activity will continue in 2019.  But growing the range of our program activity, together with our return to independence, means that we must strengthen our organization and increase our income. So, in 2018 we developed a business plan with Adrian Ellis Associates and we are currently hiring dedicated professional fundraisers here in Cassis and in the US. We are also expanding the Board and launching income generating activities that will help secure our future.  

The support of our friends is essential as we move to the next stage.  Your donation will be a wonderful help to Camargo.  

Thank you!