Current Residents

Fall 2020

Camargo Core Program

8 weeks from September 8, 2020

David, Birkin, Artist & Writer, US
Cristina Corsi, Scholar in Archaeology, Italy
Elsa Dorlin, Scholar in Social & Political Philosophy, France
Salomé Lamas, Visual Artist, Portugal
Dong Li, Writer, Germany

Other Programs

Marion Slitine, Anthropologist, France, in partnership with EHESS
Youness Atbane, Visual Artist & Performer, Morocco/Germany, in partnership with EHESS
Boris Pétric, Anthropologist, France, in partnership with EHESS
Jean-Luc Hervé, Composer, France, in partnership with gmem-CNCM-marseille
Alexandre Bergamini, Writer and photographer, France

Doyle Calhoun, PhD Candidate in French at Yale University

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