Carlos Gutierrez Quiroga

Composer & reseacher, Bolivia

Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga (La Paz-Bolivia, 1982) is the director of the Experimental Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments (OEIN). He is also a composer and a researcher.

He has composed several pieces especially for the OEIN, and for other instrumental formations. His musical work has consisted in the creation of instruments and sound objects and the investigation of native music, especially of the Aymara and Quechua tradition. Carlos Gutiérrez is also interested in exploring the influence of indigenous music in the composition process understood as an integrality that includes acoustic technologies, forms of interrelation of the performers and the interpretation and perception of music.

Tejidos sonoros (sound textiles)

Carlos Gutiérrez Quiroga grew up in a society deeply influenced by the indigenous way of thinking. In many cases, this influence was (and is) denied or hidden and, on the contrary, the western forms of thought prevail. The ruling classes and the media accentuate these asymmetries that are many times based on ignorance of the indigenous history. According to Gutiérrez, it is stimulating and necessary to explore different ways of linking the past and modernity in order to generate artistic products that reflect these issues.

The project consists in the creation of two sound pieces (sound textiles) establishing relationships between ancient types of writing (Textiles/Quipus) of some Andean cultures and the influence of western forms of composition and sound art.

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