Abdelmoneim Mohammed Rahamtalla

Poet, Writer, and Journalist, Sudan

Poet, writer, and journalist Abdelmoneim Rahamtalla co-founded the Sudanese’s opposition daily newspaper Ajras al-Hurriya (Bells of Freedom), where he also worked as both administrative director and arts and culture correspondent between 2007 and 2009. In 2011 he was arrested as part of mass arrests that took place in Khartoum. He was trialed in a military court, on unknown charges, and sentenced to death in November 2011. Released about a year later, he left his home in Khartoum, in March 2013, with his wife and four children, for Ethiopia where he lived until he moved to France, in 2015. After one year at the Maison des journalistes in Paris, he obtained the status of Political Refugee.

Abdelmoneim Mohammed Rahamtalla, Camargo Foundation, 2019 © Sara Farid

Ashes of a journalist

Having in mind the primacy of language in society, Abdelmoneim wanted to question the thematic of human rights, in the frame of his second novel's narrative. Abdelmoneim's purpose in wandering through imagination on the paths of identity blurring, was to point out the residues and continuation of colonization in humanism of the "postmodern" era. The paradoxical dimension of his own experience was thus projected at the more general, social level, in order to question the universal Man facing its own strangeness. Here, to the stumbling of modernity, Abdelmoneim seeks for another formula of freedom of expression, updated as a practice.

Abdelmoneim was in residence at the Camargo Foundation in 2019, as part of the Core Program.

Event during the Residency

The Exile in Residence, Reading & Talkback with Abdelmoneim Rahamtalla, Lotfi Nia, and Michaël Batalla.
Wednesday, December 4, 2019 at 8:30pm, Montevideo, Marseille.
Event in partnership with CIPM, the international center of poetry in Marseille, and Montévidéo.
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