• Livia Cahn

    Livia Cahn is trained in urban anthropology, her research both within the university context and in collaboration with artists and architects focuses on urban ecology and inter-species relationships by building narratives through immersive, practice based inquiries. She co-authored Terres des Villes (2017).

  • Noémie Pons-Rotbardt

    Noémie Pons-Rotbardt has a background in architecture and landscape design and has been involved in different experiments related to urban ecology and collective transformations of interstitial spaces. Co-author of Terres des Villes, she’s involved in seminar group Ecologies de Bruxelles.

  • Elise Debouny

    Elise Debouny is a Brussels based graphic designer & illustrator with experience in collaborative design projects. Her work with local collectives and small cultural associations often deals with urban topics that use graphic forms not only as communication tools but also as tools of empowerment.

Unmapping soils

This three-way collaboration builds on a series of graphic essays about soils that play with cartographic conventions to express the entangled ecologies of particular sites. Our current research puts Brussels and the Calanque of Port Miou in dialogue through the history of extraction and exploitation of mineral resources by the Belgian chemical company, Solvay. During our time in Cassis we will experiment with different forms of graphic representations to track the transformation and conservation of these landscapes through human activities and their knock on effects.
More infos about the project: ecobxl.hypotheses.org

Livia Cahn, Noémie Pons-Rotbardt and Elise Debouny were in residence at the Camargo Foundation in 2019, as part of the Core Program. They returned in 2020 to continue their project.

  • Port-Miou: Land of Exctraction, presentation and stroll
    Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 5:30pm
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