Elizabeth Marcus

Scholar (Humanities), US

Elizabeth Jacqueline Marcus is a Mellon Fellow in the Scholars in the Humanities program for 2017-2019. She received her BA from the University of Oxford in Modern History and French, and completed her PhD in French and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in 2017. Elizabeth’s research and teaching focus on the francophone and Arab worlds, with a particular interest in knowledge production, cultural imperialism, and the histories of religious and minority groups.  In her current project, Difference and Dissidence: Cultural Politics and the End of Empire in Lebanon, she uses post-independence Lebanon as a case study of multilingualism and decolonization from below. Elizabeth has taught in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University and at MIT as a Visiting Assistant  Professor. 

Cité universitaire de Paris

Paris and the Global University: International Students and Cultural Internationalism at the Cité Universitaire, 1945-1975

This new research project uncovers how, after its 1925 founding, the Cité internationale universitaire, a residential campus in the Parisian outskirts, became a crucible of left and right-wing transnational political and cultural activism during the Trente Glorieuses (1945-1975). Through networked case-studies and tracing trajectories of residents, including their return home, this research will reconfigure the entrenched scholarly boundaries between the post-war, colonial and global by looking at a local place as a node in imperial and postimperial circuits of power and representation.