Romina De Novellis

Performance Artist & Anthropologist, France & Italy

Romina De Novellis is a performance and visual artist, co-founder and artistic director of the DOMUS residency. Born in Naples in 1982, she grew up in Rome before moving to Paris in 2008. After many years dedicated to dance and theatre, she suffered a serious scooter accident in 2004. She then moved into the visual arts, deciding to focus on the language of repeated gestures and her body is often installed in urban environments and public spaces. In 1999 she graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in London with a RAD certification in method and continued her studies at the DAMS of the University of Rome 3. Her performances, installations, videos, photos and polaroids have been shown in numerous international institutions, contemporary art fairs and public and private collections.

Arachne, performance Romina De Novellis, Galatina 2018 © Mauro Bordin

Dialoghi sul Mediterraneo

Dialoghi sul Mediterraneo is a trans-disciplinary research and creation project which will lead to a week of round tables, as well as a filmed and photographed performance. The artist wants to bring together in Galatina, Puglia, different women researchers from the Mediterranean to work with an eco-feminist approach on gender/environment/migration issues in the Mediterranean. She will also finish editing her video of her performance, The Last Supper among the sick olive trees. At Camargo, she will work in collaboration with artists Mauro Bordin and Pauline Rossignol, who are also members of the DOMUS's team.


Talk with Romina De Novellis

May 27, 2021 at 6:00 pm at the Camargo Foundation
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