Roee Rosen

Artist, Filmmaker & Writer, Israel

Roee Rosen (b. 1963) is an artist, a filmmaker and writer. His work often provocatively juxtaposes politics and erotics, facts and fiction. He sometimes employs fictive personae such as the Jewish Belgian surrealist painter and pornographer Justine Frank to whom he dedicated a decade, resulting in her entire oeuvre, a film, and a book, Justine Frank, Sweet Sweat (Sternberg Press, 2009). Rosen's film Out [Tse] (2010), won the Orizzonti Award for best medium length film at the Venice Film Festival. Rosen's latest book is Live and Die as Eva Braun and Other Intimate Stories (Sternberg Press, 2017). His most recent film, The Dust Channel (2016), was shown in Documenta 14. A cinematic retrospective of Rosen is forthcoming in Jeu de Paume, Paris, in November, 2018. Rosen is a professor at Ha'Midrasha Art College, and at the Bezalel Art Academy, both in Israel.

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Kafka For Kids (film project)

Kafka For Kids is a cross-generic film, combining a fiction drama with a documentary and a musical. The narrative premise presents the film as a pilot for a TV series that aims to make Franz Kafka’s stories palpable for toddlers. The story delivered in the pilot is The Metamorphoses. The televised format includes commercial breaks which will become gradually longer and less predictable, until eventually they evolve into separate segments. These lead to another juxtaposition of children and the law, a key concept for Kafka, when a fictive legal expert delivers a lecture on the way the Israeli military law defines constitutes childhood in the occupied territories.  

Roee was in residency at the Camargo Foundation from February 10 to 24, 2018 in partnership with FIDLab.