Listening: opening ourselves to the horizon

Sound Walk

Thursday August 6, 2020 from 6 to 7:30 pm

Meeting point in front of the open-air theatre
15 avenue Ganteaume
13260 Cassis

Sound is the result of movement. Here we will start by slowing down, maybe stopping, to be able to listen to what is moving around us.
How to listen? What is our aptitude for listening in this place?
And what can we hear? What can we notice when we rely on our ears?
A moment of discovery, of experimentation around hearing. A sensitive approach to the place. Wandering around through listening, like going on an excursion in the landscape of Cassis.

Raphaële Dupire

Event organized in partnership with the gmem - national centre for musical creation in Marseille.

  • Free event
  • Limited number of places
  • Booking is recommended at
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory. Please bring your own masks and respect barrier gestures.