Mediterranean Drexciya

A blood-water-sound-waves-mixtape and the Amplitudes of Memory

Listening to the water’s songs as components of the Mediterranean’s colonial past and present, Mediterranean Drexciya approaches Europe – as terra firma, delirium of domination, power structure, monetary union – by the way of the seas’ sounds. Thinking Sea waves through soundwaves entails a record of music, poetry, and other readings to question Mediterranean memories, “solid” and “liquid traces” of historical, social and political structuring, transformations and migrations, which made the water become a space of racial brutality, violence, subversion, and the paradox of floating resistance.

Scattah Brain, composed of Jahson The Scientist (vocals), Andi Tausch (guitar) and Andreas Lettner (drums), opens eyes, draws attention to social grievances and puts its finger on the sore spots of society. Composing a new language in the form of music, the goal is not to walk down the path of least resistance or to fit into a box, but to put a powerful life symbol of humanity and rebellion into this world.

Diaz (MBS) works as musician in Algiers. Always in touch with his neighborhood, el houma Hussein Dey, he is committed to transmitting the values of the streets’ teachings of rap – despite censorship, surrounding tensions or the lack of means. His writing is at the same time sign of spiritual quest and political manifesto.

Andreas Schmiedecker is a writer, poet and teacher in Berlin and Vienna. With a grounding in academia, he combines artistic and educational practices and collaborates with Viktoria Metschl on workshops, texts, and other mischief on how to speak with phantoms, how to live with them in a cinematographic experience, and how not to succumb to precast models of life at the intersection of research and arts.

Viktoria Metschl is a researcher and curator with a background in Film Studies and Development Studies. Before returning to an academic sphere (out of love for the non-distinction between practice and theory), she worked as translator and assistant for film productions and programs of legal protection for refugees and asylum seekers in Algiers.

This residency is supported by the Austrian Cultural Council.