Elisabeth Leuvrey & Bénédicte Mallet

Filmmaker & Video Editor, France

Elisabeth Leuvrey is a filmmaker. Born in Algiers and living in Marseille, she graduated from INALCO and shot her first film in India. Her cinema focuses on the contemporary impact of a French colonial history in Algeria while tackling major social issues across boundaries in an assertive artistic approach and a sensitive point of view. Since 1998, her films Matti Ke Lal, La traverse (The Crossing) and At(h)ome have been selected and awarded in numerous international festivals.

Les Écrans du Large, which she founded in 2009, accompanies her cinema work and interventions in the field of image education. She is a member of the MaisonDAR collective in Algiers, a multidisciplinary space for reflection, creation, and practice for artists and scholars.

Le Seuil et l'azur (The Threshold and the Azure)

Le Seuil et l'azur (The Threshold and the Azure) is a feature-length documentary film in editing.

On the heights of Algiers, the doors open on a former city convent of the 50s which daily shelters a rare dialogue between cultures and religions, between past and future. This unusual place, with a fragile balance, is suddenly threatened by the announcement of the imminent departure of its young director.

Le Seuil et l'azur (The Threshold and the Azure) tells the story of the last few months before this departure, in an Algeria that would soon set itself in motion, in the eyes of all. It is a poetic and sensitive immersion in the heart of a closed-door environment, at the time of the assessments and the necessary passages.

Elisabeth Leuvrey is in residence at the Camargo Foundation from January 8 to February 8, 2021.