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[Announcement] Camargo Core Program 2019-2020 Fellows Announced  

We are delighted to announce the 2019-2020 Fellows of the Camargo Core Program, the historical and flagship program of the Foundation! Each year an international call is launched through which 18 fellows (9 artists and 9 scholars/thinkers) are selected. This year, more than 1000 applications were submitted, from 78 countries. The Camargo Core Program offers time and space in a contemplative environment to think, create, and connect. By supporting groundbreaking research and experimentation, it contributes to the visionary work of artists, scholars and thinkers in the Arts and Humanities. By encouraging multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, it intends to foster connections between research and creation.

The Camargo Foundation will welcome the following fellows:

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

  • Arko Datto, Artist, India, When the last wave hit
  • Susan Gagliardi & Constantine Petridis, Scholar (Art History) & Curator, US, Mapping Senufo: Rethinking the Art-Historical Monograph in the Era of Digital Publication
  • Coline Houssais & Pierre France, Curator & Scholar (Political Science), France, Casseta / #K-7a 
  • Elizabeth Marcus, Scholar (French and Francophone Literature and Film) & Translator, US, Paris and the Global University: International Students and Cultural Internationalism at the Cité Universitaire, 1945-1975
  • Masoud Olia, Scholar (Philosophy of Art) & Translator, Iran, Temporal Dimensions of Painting, A Phenomenological Account
  • Justin Messina, Composer, US, Mistral
  • Katherine Reinhart, Scholar (History), UK, Images for the King: Art, Science, and Power in Louis XIV’s France
  • Matteo Rubbi & Zeyn Joukhadar, Artists & Composer, US, The Atlas of Marvels
  • LaToya Watkins, Writer, US, Like Animals

[Opening of Camargo] Visit of the gardens

From now on, the Camargo Foundation welcomes visitors on Fridays at 11AM to discover its gardens overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and offering breathtaking views of the Cap Canaille and the entrance to the port of Cassis.

Learn more and book your reservation.

[Concert] Cassis Jazz Festival

August 24, 2019 at 8:30PM, Amphitheater of the Camargo Foundation

Closing evening of the Cassis Jazz Festival.

Love for Chet, Tribute to Chet Baker, by Stéphane Belmondo.

Festival organized by the Association Bleu Ciel Production and the Town of Cassis.

Price: 25.00 euros

Info and reservation: Cassis Tourist Office.

[Sound Walk] Échos des souffles (Echoes of the Breaths)

September 5, 2019 at 7PM at the Camargo Foundation

Sound walk from the Camargo Foundation with urban anthropologist Kathrin Wildner and sound artist Katharina Pelosi, followed by an exchange at the Foundation about the project.

In collaboration with artist Katharina Pelosi, Kathrin Wildner will "re-listen" to the sound work she produced in August 2018 in Marseille during her residency at the FRAC Provence-Alpe-Côte d'Azur, as part of Le souffle de la Joliette project. These sounds, made from field recordings, interviews, and audio diaries, highlight several aspects of the Marseille port area such as traffic, demolitions, construction sites and the "executive noise" of new office buildings and shopping centres.

Over time, in this part of the city, new soundscapes have emerged as a result of this urban transformation, political movements, and the emergence of new forms of daily resistance. Beyond the different sound strata, new rhythms, new materials, and new narratives appear.

During their residency at the Camargo Foundation, located a day's walk from Marseille, Kathrin Wildner and Katharina Pelosi will work on the echoes of urban noise and present examples of their approaches and work around sound during a group listening session. In the form of a sound walk and a collective listening around the Camargo Foundation and beyond, participants will be able to discover the field recordings and compositions of urban noise, Les Échos des souffles ("The Echoes of the Breaths")... What happens to this sound material when listened to from Cassis?

RSVP required:

In partnership with the Goethe-Institut and the FRAC Provence-Alpe-Côte d'Azur.

[Obituary] The Passing of Trustee Barbara Hunt McLanahan

June 26, 2019

Barbara Hunt McLanahan - courtesy of Will Ellis and Children's Museum of the Arts

The Board of Trustees and staff of the Camargo Foundation mourn the loss of our longtime board member and beloved friend, Barbara Hunt McLanahan.

Barbara was a driving force in our organization, the very heart of our board, and the light that illuminated the path to where we are today. We are devastated by the news of her passing and we offer our deepest sympathies to her husband Michael and daughter Jade, and all of her family members. Barbara’s impact on the Camargo Foundation as an organization, on each Trustee and staff member individually, and on the hundreds of Fellows and Residents who have benefited from their residencies, cannot be measured. Her inspired leadership as Chair of the Board since 2017 and her extraordinary generosity leave a tremendous legacy that we will strive to honor by continuing to fulfill a mission she so crucially helped to refine. 

Barbara has dedicated her career to nurturing and showcasing artists through her wide-ranging accomplishments as a curator and arts administrator in the U.S. and UK. Her position as the Executive Director at the Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA) in New York perfectly reflected her steadfast belief in the transformative power of art and commitment to making art accessible to all.

As she put it in a 2016 interview, “Side-by-side, non-judgmental art making encourages the celebration of individual identity, alongside empathy and respect for difference, for others who look different and who express themselves differently.” A humanist, activist, nurturer, arts patron, cultural catalyst, and so much more, Barbara will be deeply missed by the many organizations and people she has touched in her life.

Click here to read the full Camargo Foundation statement on the passing of Barbara Hunt McLanahan.