Carole Rieussec and Antonella Bussanich

Musician & Video Artist, France & Italy

  • Carole Rieussec +

    Musician, France

    Carole Rieussec's compositions are woven with electronic sounds, voices and silences. In her studio, she switches from an analog synthesizer to daily objects and materials such as paper, polystyrene, plastic cups, nails... She often meets up with women to record their voices. She also likes the sound presence of animals: dogs, flies, pigeons, roosters, wasps... This hybridity marvels her. Carole then spends most of her time looking for the right space and sound combination in order to allow these different universes to coexist in a single language and poetic. She has been collecting electronic music compositions made by women from the same generation as the "great masters" of electronic and concrete music. This counter-history triggers a sound archeology which takes two forms. The first one is a radiophonic documentary wi watt'heure on the Revue & Corrigée website. The second one is compositional and performative, with the FAR EST solo in which she creates an "experimental folklore" in which electronic music and women voices mingle.

  • Antonella Bussanich +

    Artist, Italy

    Antonella Bussanich's videos only start as mere images: she shoots what is, what already exists, and captures moments, actions, gestures and keeps the integral sequences and their continuum. The relation to duration, to time that flows, is an essential element of her work. Videos allow Antonella to memorize this flow of present time, and to extract it from its immediate spatio-temporal framework. The intensity and unicity of geseture are fundamental for her; she thus focuses on the shooting moment more than the following digital re-working. She prepares herself, she waits, but shoots with parcimony. Carole and Antonella want to eplore the roundtrip journey from reality to the abstract, between formal and informal, light and sound. This relates to one subject Antonella has always been interested in: that of the transition from one state to the other, and the evolution as a continuous flux in an endless transformation.

Fragile Abstractions

One of the aspects of this research is to experiment the "moving" abstraction process which generates temporary, fragile objects linked to the invention of the sound and visual device. Kandisky said: "I call abstract art any art which does not contain any recall, any evocation of the observed reality, this reality being or not the starting point of the artist." Conversely, Antonella Bussanich and Carole Rieussec wish to make this reality trail visible, as a transparent layer of the objects created, to make the hands which shoot and play music become perceivable by the spectator. The two artists get their inspiration from feminist research in anthropology, philosophy or musicology in order to generate new approaches to abstract art. In their performance, Carole and Antonella create bridges between concrete and abstract, figurative and pure forms, tonal and noisy music, concrete and electronic music...

Carole Rieussec and Antonella Bussanich were in residence at Camargo from January 11 to 21, 2016, in partnership with the GMEM.