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  • STARTS4WATER II : Ports in Transformation

    Application deadline: June 26, 2024

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The final list of the Camargo Fellowship 2024-2025 will be announced in Spring 2024.

Applications for the Camargo Fellowship 2025-2026 will open in Summer 2024.

Residencies for creation and research: a vital space for new imaginaries

Since its creation in 1971, Camargo has taken a pluralistic approach in which dialogue intersects with questions from other geographical spheres on a daily basis. The residency program plays a pivotal role in this. It offers fellows the time and space to putthings into perspective and contributes to diversifying narratives.

Since 2014, we have explored different residency formats and ways of collaborating in order to better accompany the artists, thinkers and scholarsin our fellowship program.Discussions have also been held with residents to collectively reflect on the Camargo project and to think about how it can evolve. The project presented here is the result of these dialogues and experiences. Residencies focus on the major ideas inspired by the site and its history-our connection to nature, our place in the international ecosystem, energy flows and in short, how to rethink our relationship to the world-and the principles inspired by Jerome Hill-experimentation, sharingand interdisciplinary dialogue, open-ended long-term projects with no obligation to produce specific results,and the way in which art interacts with society.

We understand that each residency is best suited to aspecific time period in relation to a specific reflection or project, and therefore take a systemic approach to better accompany residents through links and associations with other partners, whether from the artistic, scientificor cultural world, regionally or internationally. Today, 4 residencies are attributed following a call for projectsor by invitation : Escales, Incubateurs, Horizons, Au long cours and Impromptus.