For the selection of the residents of the Camargo Core Program, the Camargo Foundation works with two selection committes: the Artistic Committee and the Scholar/Thinker Committee. Each committee is composed of six members, with different areas of expertise and research interests. The Foundation works with highly experienced selection panelists and reviewers.

The Artistic Committee

2020 / 2021

It consists of recognized professional artists, curators, arts presenters/producers, editors, and others whose primary work is with professional artists. 

Ash Fure, Sound Artist, United States
Bige Örer, Visual Arts Curator, Turkey
Asa Horvitz, Performance Maker, United States/Netherlands
Jean-Pierre Rehm, Film Curator and Critic, France
Robin Coste Lewis, Poet, United States
Rasha Salti, Film and Visual Arts Curator and Writer, Lebanon/Germany

The Scholar/Thinker Committee

2020 / 2021

It consists of recognized scholars and thinkers in their fields, representing a broad range of appropriate scholarly disciplines that reflect the fields in which Camargo receives applications. 

Lila Abu-Lughod, Scholar (Social Science), United States
Bill Burgwinkle, Scholar (Medieval Studies), UK
Frédérique Aït-Touati, Scholar (Literature and History of Science), France
Guillaume Monsaingeon, Independent Scholar & Curator (Philosophy & History), France
Cécile Alduy, Scholar (French literature and culture), France/United States
Maboula Soumahoro, Scholar (Diaspora Studies), France/United States