Lia Brozgal

French Studies (US)

Lia Brozgal is Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies at UCLA, where she is also affiliated with the Leve Center for Jewish Studies and the graduate program in African Studies. Her teaching encompasses a variety of courses on 20th- and 21-st century French and and North African literature and cinema, and her published essays and reviews cover a range of topics, including: beur literature; contemporary Algerian novels; archives; North African Jewry and the experience of WWII; Tunisian cinema; French documentary film; the concept and limits of francophonie; and questions of race and aesthetics. She is the author of Against Autobiography: Albert Memmi and the Production of Theory (2013), co-editor of Being Contemporary: French Literature, Culture, and Politics Today (2016), and co-editory of the first English-language translation of Ninette of Sin Street, a Tunisian novella by Vitalis Danon, first published in 1938. She was a 2014 Camargo Foundation Fellow.  

20th and 21st-century French and Francophone Literature / Contemporary North African Literature / Film Studies / Literature and History