Following the 2023-2024 call for applications for our historical program Camargo fellowship, Camargo received 763 applications -631 from artists in a variety of disciplines (visual arts, writers, musicians, choreographers, directors, playwrights) and 132 from researchers and thinkers.

We are proud to present the 14 winners of the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 sessions, whom we will welcome on September 5. We invite you to discover the profiles of the selected artists and researchers below or on our website.



FALL 2023



  • Eve Beglarian, contemporary composer, performer and audio producer of Armenian origin (United-States)
  • Harry Stopes, writer, journalist and historian (UK)
  • Kamal Aljafari, artist, director and producer (Palestine)
  • Mathapelo Mofokeng, screenplay and short story writer (South Africa)
  • Hélène Quiniou, philosopher, anthropologist and translator (France)
  • John Bingham-Hall, researcher, writer, and cultural organiser (UK)





  • VK Preston, Associate Professor, Department of History at Concordia University, member of the University of the Arts’ internationally situated MFA research community in dance (Québec)
  • Sarouna Mushasha, music producer, musician, audio engineer and DJ (Palestine)
  • HAWAF Collective: Mohamed Abusal, artist, born and lives in Gaza (Palestine), Sondos Al-Nakhala, architectural engineer (Palestine) & Salman Nawati, artist and teacher at the Qattan Foundation (Palestine)
  • Lara Tabet, medical doctor and transdisciplinary artist (Lebanon)
  • Merve Fejzula, Assistant Professor, the University of Missouri, historian of modern Africa and its diaspora (United-States)
  • Petra Kuppers, disability culture activist and a community performance artist (Germany)
  • Pneuma Ensemble, trio specializing in medieval music, Gaven Dianda playing the gittern, citole (with its 'holly leaf' shape), and 'oud (arabic lute), Eleanor Verrette playing the vielle, a forerunner of the viola, Tricia Postle singing and playing the psaltery, and currently pursuing a PhD in Music at the University of Cambridge as a Harding Distinguished Postgraduate Scholar (Canada)
  • Sara Kippur, Professor and Chair of the Department of Language and Culture Studies at Trinity College (United-States)




The Camargo fellowship 2024 - 2025 is now open ! Since 1971, the Camargo Foundation has awarded residencies to nearly 1 500 individuals as part of its mission to support advanced research, experimentation, and interdisciplinary approaches in the Arts and Humanities. The selected applicants are awarded residencies in a stunning, contemplative environment where they have the space, time, and freedom to think, create, and connect. With each cohort of Fellows, the Camargo Foundation strives to foster connections between research and creation.


The Camargo Fellowship also initiates exchanges within the group and develops a collective spirit, which is one of the program’s distinctive features. The interactions developed among the program’s fellows are a vital element of this program. The Camargo Foundation welcomes applications from artists, scholars, and thinkers (such as curators, journalists, critics, urban planners, independent scholars, etc.) from all countries and nationalities. The deadline to apply is October 1, 2023, for residencies in Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.




The Camargo Foundation welcomes you to discover its gardens, which overlook the Mediterranean Sea and offer breathtaking views of the Cap Canaille and the entrance to the port of Cassis. You will enjoy a one-hour guided tour and learn about the evolution of the property over the decades, including architectural projects and the making of an open Greek-style amphitheater. You will also learn about the activities of the Foundation, a place of residence for artists, scholars and thinkers, and its collaborations with local and international partners.


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