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[Talks] Meet our residents and discover their projects

Come and meet our residents during four public talks where they will each present their work-in-progress at Camargo.

From the conception of an intangible museum of dance to thinking about the evolving and unstable Palestinian relationship to the sky in visual culture, these talks will cover a number of topics as diverse as the residents who discuss them.

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[Kick Off] European Pavilion

Kick-off of the European Pavilion in OGR Torino

We are proud to be a partner of the European Pavilion initiative of the European Cultural Foundation which kicked off on November 12, 2021 in OGR Torino. The European Pavilion is a program that fosters trans-local and trans-national collaborations and triggers curiosity, interest, and imagination across borders, sectors, and generations.

Within the framework of the European Pavilion initiative, Camargo has invited historian Leyla Dakhli to lead a collective process entitled ‘Translating Resistance, Smuggling Utopia’. Consisting of researchers, translators, artists, and activists, the collective shares, reads, compares, and discusses texts, archives, and ideas to retrace some trajectories of resistance and utopian thinking in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean.

[Residency] If there were a There, it would be...

The Mahmoud Darwish Chair and Camargo Foundation together with BOZARA.M. Qattan Foundation and Mucem have launched their joint residency program “If there were a There, it would be…”.

The aim of this residency is to contribute to a contemporary conversation on Darwish’s legacy as well as to support scholars and artists from the Arab world. Within the frame of this program, the Camargo Foundation welcomes writer Elias Khoury(Lebanon), artist and performer Raeda Sa'adeh (Palestine) as well as artist and cultural historian Sary Zananiri (Palestine, Netherlands).

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[Residency] NAFAS: 100 residencies for Lebanese artists in France

In the context of an acute crisis that has hit the Lebanese cultural scene, the Institut Français, the Association des Centres culturels de rencontre and the Institut Français of Lebanon have joined forces to invite 100 Lebanese artists in residence in France, through an emergency program "NAFAS", co-financed by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture.

Within this program, the Camargo Foundation has welcomed two residents in November of 2021: performance and video artist Nesrine Khodr as well as artist and researcher Alia Hamdan, who will stay in Cassis until February, 2022.

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