Nicolas Floc'h at Rencontres d'Arles 2024 | July 1 to September 29, 2024

Nicolas Floc'h will take part in Rencontres d'Arles 2024, from July 1 to September 29. He will present a fragment of his photographs taken in the United States (Fleuves Océan series). Based on a dozen of the 224 color points of water, the exhibition offers an immersion into the American landscape, the water cycle and the landscape of color.


“The more I document and read the colors of the waters, the more the information they contain multiplies and organizes itself, like the writing of the living, minerals, soil, space and climate. The most common underwater and oceanic landscape forms

a colorful expanse as vast as the eye can see. Through photography, monochrome painting joins landscape painting, yet vegetal and mineral elements are expressed not through the romantic representation of a rock or a mountain, the impressionistic touches of a field of flowers or the scintillation of light on the surface of the ocean, but through color and light alone. This color is that of the microscopic which becomes visible through accumulation, floating pigments, dynamic and free, whose saturation increases with depth...”, writes Nicolas Floc'h. 

For Rivers Ocean, his new series, twinned with Productive Landscapes, he traces the course of water at their watersheds, from the Mississippi to the Rhône, from the Loire to the Seine. In quest of color, he photographs water beneath the surface, its nuances playing a part in shaping and transforming territories. 

In 2022, he documented the Mississippi watershed from 224 water columns at as many sites, covering 31 states. Each column is a series of panoramic underwater photographs organized vertically according to the depth at which they were taken. Simultaneously, black-and-white series document the terrestrial space between the multiple water-colored sites. This photographic survey of the watershed is that of the journey of visible or invisible water, atmospheric, inscribed in rocks, abundant in vegetation, displaced by agriculture, absent in arid zones...

Nicolas Floc'h. Delta du Mississippi, Bayou, Louisiane, série Fleuves Océan – Mississippi, 2022.

Plein Sud Guide

The Camargo Foundation is featured among the locations represented in the Plein Sud 2024 Guide,  which can be downloaded here.

Born in Spring 2020 with the aim of spreading the word about the exceptional wealth of artistic offerings in the South, the Plein Sud network reflects the spirit of union of over 75 venues dedicated to the visual arts and located all around the Mediterranean, from Sérignan to Menton. 

Art centers off the beaten track, sculpture parks in the vineyards, mythical foundations, must-see museums in the major cities of the South, artists' residences, remarkable gardens, festivals... Following on from its summer guide, distributed free of charge in all the cultural venues in the network and in the main tourist attractions in the South of France, the website makes it easy to build a richly varied artistic itinerary around the region.

Thanks to a practical map and selection criteria by town, date or theme, as well as address books at the bottom of the page proposed by each institution in the network, leads you to discover an unprecedented wealth of contemporary art venues in the heart of an extraordinary variety of landscapes...