[Art-science exhibition] Marseille Privatopia

October 8 to 24, 2020
Salle Pouillon (Campus Saint Charles, Aix-Marseille Université, 3 place Victor Hugo, 13003 Marseille)

Art-science exhibition by visual artist Anke Doberauer and geographers Élisabeth Dorier and Julien Dario (Aix Marseille University)

Camargo is pleased to announce the exhibition "Marseille Privatopia", which is the result of a project developed at the Camargo Foundation in 2014.

Since 2007, a team of university geographers has been exploring Marseille, mapping the growing influence of "closed residencies". These "closed residencies" point out that the city is regulated and managed by real estate developers and co-owners, who ignore the needs of the streets and public spaces: it is what E. Mc Kenzie called "Privatopia". Fragmentation of spaces and social withdrawal accompany the trivialization of this phenomenon. In 2014, artist Anke Doberauer joined this exploration. Her paintings, created "en plein air" in closed residences, underline the omnipresence of walls and enclosed gardens. They delineate preserved places where quality of life prevails, facing abandoned public spaces. The closed residence could thus be compared to an earthly paradise: a very selective space.


  • Opening on Thursday, October 8 at 6pm: Lecture "lifting the embargo" on Julien Dario's thesis "Géographie d’une ville fragmentée. Morphogenèse, gouvernance des voies et impacts de la fermeture résidentielle à Marseille".
  • Finissage on Friday, October 23 at 6:30 pm: Filming the residential closure (mandatory booking)
    Evening film screenings, in the presence of the artist, researchers and filmmakers (detailed program here)

Partnerships and coproductions: Laboratoire Population Environnement Développement - Marseille-Aix University , Goethe-Institut Marseille, Région Sud, Espace GT, and the Camargo Foundation.