Les Carnets de Camargo

Collaborative Project to Cope with Lockdown

The wind may blow, and storms may continue to break, but we are still standing. This might even be the new motto for the Camargo Foundation. To cope with confinement, we have encouraged our current residents to share their experiences, and so the collaborative project, Les Carnets de Camargo, was born. Visual, written, and spoken testimonies invite us into the residents' lockdown, on the banks of the Mediterranean, hovering between dreams and reality, between illusions and disillusion. As Les Carnets de Camargo also aim at being a bond for our community, through reflection and exchange, these creations will eventually be the testimony of this unprecedented moment. Over the course of the publications, former fellows and residents have also joined the project.

Discover Les Carnets

Carnet #1 — With Zeyn Joukhadar, Ekin Can Göksoy, LaToya Watkins, Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi, and Arko Datto.

Carnet #2 — With Coline Houssais, Ekin Can Göksoy, Arko Datto, Felix de la Concha, and Mark Axelrod.

Carnet #3 — With Samuel Hayat, Pierre France, Matteo Rubbi, Coline Houssais, Arko Datto, Thomas Bellinck, and Ben Stoltzfus.

Carnet #4 — With Felwine Sarr, crazinisT artisT, Michel Bauwens, Sibel Horada, and Julia Watson.

Carnet #5 — With Emily Strasser, Zainabu Jallo, John Marshall, Mohamed Abusal, and Carol Barnett.

Carnet #6 — With Zeyn Joukhadar, Jeff Daniel Silva, Kathleen Kilroy-Marac, Anke Doberauer, and Rosa Valado.

Carnet #7 — Special edition for "Black Lives Matter", with Noel W Anderson, Matana Roberts, Abdelmoneim Rahamtalla, Sue Peabody, Carrie Hawks, and Nancy Arbuthnot.

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Former Fellows & Residents: Call for Contributions

We hope you are all well! If you have any texts, music, stories, artworks or videos related to the current period you are willing to share, please do send them to us at communication@camargofoundation.org along with a short bio and description of your contribution. This new and (hopefully!) weekly newsletter Les Carnets de Camargo will feature work from our alumni, a worldwide community of over +1000 strong.