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[Talk] Meeting with the author Lynda Chouiten

Presentation of a research and creation stage

Camargo Foundation - 15, avenue Ganteaume - 13 260 Cassis

Wednesday 7 December at 7pm


Lynda Chouiten is a professor of English literature at the University of Boumerdes (Algeria), and holds a PhD from the National University of Ireland in Galway.

She has published two novels: Le Roman des Pôv'Cheveux (Algiers: El Kalima, 2017), finalist of the Mohammed Dib and L'Escale d'Alger awards, and Une Valse (Algiers: Casbah, 2019), Grand Prix Assia Djebar in December of the same year.

In March 2022, Lynda Chouiten published Des Rêves à leur portée, her first collection of short stories. As part of her residency at the Camargo Foundation, she is working on her new book: Les Blattes Orgueilleuses.

Lynda Chouiten is also the author of several articles on literary criticism and two books of an academic nature, respectively published in the United States and Great Britain: a study of the work of Isabelle Eberhardt and a collective work on authority.

She is currently in residence at the Camargo Foundation to work on her new book, Les Blattes Orgueilleuses. This residency is part of a program initiated in 2022 with the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris, for Algerian artists.

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