A prolonged residency

This program allows us to accompany creators over a period of a few years. An artist or scholar is invited to create works inspired by the regional territory and to exchange ideas with the public. The resident is accompanied for several years (3 or more), which enables the exploration, trials, and experimentation necessary for the emergence of new ways of creating and new forms.

The fellowship is organized in partnership with artistic and academic structures in the region and elsewhere, which bring complementary support in production and distribution.Depending on their timing and needs, the Camargo Foundation welcomes artists alone or with collaborators. If needed, time spent in specially equipped spaces (dance studio, recording studio, etc.) can be carried out in a partner structure.The work can be directly connected to the Camargo site or to others.

In recent years, fellows have included director Jorge Leon for his film Mitra, artist Nicolas Floc’h for his photographic project Invisible on the underwater landscapes of the Calanques National Park, composer Jean-Luc Hervé for his work Topos, composer and musician Fabrizio Cassol for his recent works Requiem pour L and I Silenti and a future composition planned for 2023 with the Festival d’Aix, Pénélope.