Nicolas Floc'h

Artist (France)

Nicolas Floc’h is a multidisciplinary artist working with installation, photography, sculpture, and performance to question our changing times. He seeks to create socially engaged work that can create awareness around social, environmental, and economic issues. His work is inspired by what he learned from nature, travels, encounters, and scientific research. His work is often collaborative and open to community participation. Nicolas Floc’h has exhibited internationally and his solo/collective shows include FRAC Bretagne, FRAC PACA, SMAK (Ghent, Belgium), Centre Pompidou (Paris), MAC/VAL (Vitry-sur-Seine, France), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Contemporary Art Factory (Tokyo), and Winzavod (Moscow).

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At Camargo in 2018, Nicolas Floc’h planed to further develop his ongoing research and start new projects as well. He wished to pursue his photographic work on artificial reefs and natural habitats within the Mediterranean ecosystem. Moreover he intended to continue the work he started at the marine laboratory of Wimereux on the color of water and bioluminescence. Among the new projects, he wanted to undertake research about submarine geomorphology and its impact on the environment.

The project goes into production in 2019 thanks to the support of the Prefecture of Bouches-du-Rhône.
Nicolas Floc'h will produce an artistic performance proposing to document the nearby underwater space by using a photographic protocol along the entire coastal strip of the Calanques National Park (162 km). The result is the creation of a photographic collection that is unique at a given time, a zero state, on the scale of the landscape of the coastal strip up to 30 metres deep. These apnea dives will be completed by bottled dives on specific points defined in consultation with scientific researchers.