Thuridur Jónsdóttir

Composer, Iceland

Thuridur Jónsdóttir is an Icelandic composer and flutist who studied in Italy.  Among Jónsdóttir’s renowned compositions are Flutter for flute, orchestra and field recordings of insect, Flow and Fusion for orchestra, INNI - musica da camera for baroque violin and sound curtains of infant murmur, Winter for voice and electronics, the accordion concerto Installation Around a Heart, Cylinder 49 for choir and chamber orchestra and 48 Images of the Moon for solo cello and field recordings from Icelandic highlands. Jónsdóttir has also created the multimedia works Cock’s egg, Seal Maiden and Lusus Naturae in collaboration with the artists Ólöf Nordal and Gunnar Karlsson.

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Registrations Trouvees with Piano Quintet

The work for this piano quintet, that is divided into a sequence of movements, will be based on several tunes of different medieval European and Arabic music traditions, such as the Icelandic epic songs (rímur), the vielle à roue (hurdy gurdy), troubadours and minstrels, Andalusī nūba from the Berber states of Morocco, Gregorian chants and flamenco. Selected fragments of old recordings from these traditions will be heard throughout the piece. The recordings will be dissected and analyzed, and their peculiar characteristics will serve to develop the structural/instrumental part of each movement.