Nityan Unnikrishnan

Visual Artist, India

Nityan Unnikrishnan (b.1976) grew up in the state of socialist Kerala, South India, in a world set afire by writers, artists, filmmakers, poets, and thinkers. He trained as an Industrial Designer at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and started painting and sculpting after ten years of a professional practice in ceramics and crafts design in India. In his work he draws from a variety of sources including history, literature, politics, and present life. Questions of identity, inequality, morality, life, and death have found their place in his work in recent years and all or any of these ideas serve as points of departure to making work. His practice is supported by a world of cross-connections and associations, where he tries to make sense of life with refractions of the real, the imaginary, and the absurd. He lives a quiet life in a coastal town in India.

Nityan Unnikrishnan, Absolutely, 2018, Mixed media on Khadi, 35.5 x 24.5 in.


During his residency at Camargo, Nityan Unnikrishnan wanted to collate all the work that he had already done and make it into a comprehensive foundation. He did not hope to "complete" the project but to make it ready to a point where he begins writing to contributors and plan the final piece of journal/book/object. Unnikrishnan sole aim for the project was to make the case or an independent space for thought and articulation, as a reflection on the times that his people are going through at this point.

Nityan Unnikrishnan was in residence at the Camargo Foundation in 2019, as part of the Core Program.