Cristina Corsi

Scholar in Archeology, Italy

Cristina Corsi is professor of Archaeology at the University of Cassino in Italy. She is Marie Curie fellow and associated member at the LA3M, MMSH Aix-en-Provence. She graduated in Archaeology from the University Sapienza of Rome and she earned a doctorate in Archaeology at the University of Bologna. She received several post-doc fellowships and has been a visiting professor at several prestigious research institutions in Europe and USA. She coordinated and participated in large international projects, some of which are still operating. Her main research interests are: Mediterranean Landscape Archaeology in the long-durée and communication networks in Antiquity and the Middle Ages. She is internationally acknowledged as a specialist in Archaeological Diagnostics.

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Itinerary by Matthew Paris Historia Anglorum (1250-1259) © British Library Creative Commons

The route of the Franks: The journey of archbishop Sigeric at the dusk of the first millennium AD

The report of the journey undertaken by archbishop Sigeric in AD 990 from Canterbury to Rome has been used to reconstruct an idealized version of the via Francigena, the route of the Franks. As shown by most recent research, this reconstruction is an extreme simplification and implies a trivialization of many scientific topics related to medieval mobility. This project intends drawing conclusions from interdisciplinary research that, starting from a multifaceted analysis of the journey, explores the narrative, modalities, and practicalities of travel, including the perception of the “landscape of movement”.