Composer, U.S.

Tamil Nadu-raised and New York-born vocalist Ganavya lives, learns, and loves from the nexus of many frameworks and understandings. A multidisciplinary creator, she is a soundsmith and wordsmith. Trained as an improviser, scholar, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist, she maintains an inner library of “spi/ritual” blueprints offered to her by an intergenerational constellation of collaborators, continuously anchoring her practice in pasts, presents and futures. Her most recent work is the film This body is so impermanent... (2021) directed by Peter Sellars, featuring Ganavya (solo voice, composition), Michael Schumacher (solo dance, choreography) and elder Wang Dongling (calligraphy).

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Daughter of a Temple

In the previous iteration of Daughter of a Temple, Ganavya created a sound installation that used the principles of an old multidisciplinary story-telling/song-making technique called "harikatha" to instead venerate a contemporary spiritual figure: Swamini Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda, drawing from her self-published spiritual manifesto titled Monument Eternal (1977). The work was exhibited in the 13th Biennale de Habana in Carrie Mae Weems's The Spirit That Resides (2019). Here at Camargo, Ganavya revisits the work and births it anew with and for live musicians, including herself.