Preethi Athreya

Performance Artist, India

With a background in classical Indian dance, Preethi Athreya has been working within the Indian contemporary dance scene as a performer, choreographer, and facilitator. She has been engaged since early 2000 in creating a personal movement language that reflects her relationship with her context, being at the same time open to new ways in how we may relate to the body. With a strong commitment to constantly redefine the Indian body, Preethi Athreya lives and works in Chennai, India. She has choreographed, performed, and produced thirteen collaborative works since 2003, the latest being And Indeed There Will be Time (2020) and BIRD (2021). Preethi Athreya is the founder of CHARCOAL – a platform for artistic collaboration as well as one of the co-founders of Basement 21, a practice-based performance collective in Chennai.

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A Journal of Compounded Identities through a Conversation with Objects

This is a research project that is concerned with the study of how identity is constructed through objects that are owned, inherited, passed on or lost. Through a choreographic lens, it looks at objects that speak to a cultural and colonial heritage, embodying critical questions to our attachment to ‘belongings’, to the idea of belonging and to place. The research commences with ideas of what constitutes a journal of the body and how the act of looking, touching or holding these objects can be a way to ‘read’ them. Through these intimate acts of ‘handling’ we investigate hidden stories and gestures held in the objects, and their relationships to place.