Belma Bas

Filmmaker, Turkey

Belma Bas is a Turkish filmmaker based in Istanbul. She holds a BA degree in English Literature from Istanbul University, and worked for non-profit organizations in the field of cinema throughout the 90s. Her debut short film Poyraz (Boreas) premiered in the official competition at the 59th Cannes Film Festival in 2006. Her first feature-length film Zefir (Zephyr) achieved its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in 2010. Her collaborative work as a co-producer includes two creative documentaries by Berke Baş, Hush! (La Chanson de Nahide, 2009) and Beton Park (Concrete Park, 2010).

The Heroine’s Journey Beyond Winds

The Heroine’s Journey Beyond Winds started with Boreas (2006), a short film about a child’s first encounter with the idea of death, and continued with the feature-length Zephyr (2010) that centers upon an adolescent’s fatal attachment to a distant mother. At Camargo, Bas planned to develop two thematic sequels, which are intertwined with their leitmotifs, characters, and storylines. Each part of The Journey is basically a coming-of-age story following the same or a similar character’s passing through the threshold of different phases of growing up/old.