Eva Müller

Visual Artist, Germany

Eva Müller was born in 1981 in a southwestern village in Germany, near the French border. She obtained a diploma in social work in 2003 and, in 2017, a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the HAW Hamburg. Since then, she has worked as an author and artist based in Hamburg. She published several short stories in anthologies, magazines, and self-published zines. In 2017, she created her first graphic novel, In the Future we are Dead. The book was translated into English and French and won several awards.

© Eva Müller

Simple People – A working class graphic novel

Eva Müllers’ project is a comic book. The topic is the labor history of a working-class family over the past three generations. A working-class upbringing has an effect on future generations, even when they shift milieus. The book deals with the contradictions that arise when such a milieu shift has happened, and a person is standing between two classes. The book is a reminder that class still matters. Part of Müller’s general method of operating is to pick up on pop culture, history, art and science references and mix them with personal and autobiographical stories.