Louly Seif

Filmmaker, Egypt

Louly Seif is a filmmaker and a video editor living in Cairo. She studied Anthropology & Film at the American University in Cairo & the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.   In 2011, she completed her MA degree in Aural and Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths College in London. She began working in 2003 as an editor for commercial and independent feature films, documentaries and video art in both Dubai and Cairo.  She occasionally teaches courses on analog filmmaking, non-linear montage, color grading and aural and visual culture.

© Sarah Ibrahim

Sink or Swim: A Book on Film Editing

From the pace of our breath, to the speed of our gait, to our heart rate; we are immersed in rhythm.  What can we learn from it to become sensible film editors?  The project is drafting the early versions of a book on film editing.  But rather than focus on a particular film genre, a geographical area, or a certain style of editing, it aspires to tease out the relationship between film editing and elements of rhythm, timing, pacing and movement in daily life using diverse fields and disciplines such as swimming, cooking, baking, somatic experience, bodywork and many more.