Johanna Montlouis-Gabriel

Scholar in French Literature, United States

Dr. Johanna Montlouis-Gabriel is an Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University. She is the author of peer-reviewed articles published in Essays in French Literature, Etudes Littéraires Africaines and The French Review as well as forthcoming book chapters for Routledge Press and University Press of Wales. Her research focuses on articulations of French Afro-Feminism in French contemporary cultural productions, as well as the self-representation of Black women and their bodies in the French public sphere through literature, performance, and various articulations of visual culture.

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Johanna Montlouis-Gabriel, Scholar, U.S.

The Digital Praxis of French Afro-Feminism

How do contemporary digital productions by Black French women co-create an intersectional digital archive, which in turn expands the notions and practices of French citizenship? This project explores the evolving creative lenses – what Johanna Montlouis-Gabriel terms French Afro-Feminist Praxis – in digital spaces such as YouTube, Instagram, blogging and digital storytelling to advocate, educate and empower other Black women in a variety of realms (from beauty technologies to health advocacy). This living digital archive produces a distinctive body of work that sustains Afro-Feminist community while challenging traditional, exclusive French notions of universalism and color-blindness.