Nahuel Cano

Performance Artist, The Netherlands

Nahuel Cano was born in Neuquén, Wallmapu, known today as Argentina’s Patagonia.  He is a researcher, theater maker, performer and sound-experimenter. His practice has been shaped by theoretical excursions, artistic practices, political initiatives, affective encounters, counter-power experiences and pedagogical experiments in Neuquén, Buenos Aires, and Amsterdam. He worked as a performer and actor in cinema and theatre, and until 2017, he developed his artistic projects with his group El Cuarto. He is a founding member of Escena Política, which is an artistic and political collective that has organized forums, performances, and protests. In 2020, he graduated from the DAS Theatre Master program, Amsterdam.

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Spectral sonic cartographies

Nahuel Cano will take the first steps toward developing a cartographical practice of listening and mapping "spectral sonic geographies”.  His practice attunes perception to the sonic networks that define territories, that articulate the inhabiting of places, and also to the absences, the invisible, the ghosts that are intertwined in the fabric of territories. Listening and sound cartographies may offer ways of orienting oneself, and of getting lost, of making present worlds that collide but resonate with the visible world, having the potential to redistribute the politics of the visible and the audible.